(UPDATES) Goodbye to One Catcher, Hello to Another: Cubs Commentary Catalyzing Changes

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I did not expect the post game commentary to work this quickly to spur changes within the Chicago Cubs, but here we go…

I had speculated yesterday about what the Cubs might do in the wake of Miguel Montero‘s statements, and whether they would swap him out in favor of the hot-hitting Victor Caratini.  Well, we’ll have to wait a few hours, but this seems as good as done for now.

In the meantime, I urge you to look at Anthony Rizzo and Chris Bosio‘s comments on the situation.  Rizzo’s comments reflect disappointment, while Bosio seems to be more measured.  Check them out in their entirety for more context than a tweet gives.

UPDATE 11:30 AM: Confirmed per multiple sources.  Peace out, Miggy.  Thanks for the clutch hits and hashtags.

UPDATE 11:45 AM: While he’s not technically GONE yet, given the seven days after initial designation for assignment to trade, waiver, or option a player to the minors, I don’t think Miguel Montero is sticking around with the Cubs anymore.  This was his last year under contract, and although he has something like seven million dollars owed on the remainder of his deal, the Cubs obviously decided that it wasn’t worth it to keep him on the roster and to deal with the potential headache of clubhouse strife.  The seven million and change was a sunk cost anyway.  At least we’ll always have his moments in the playoffs, which you can see in all their glory here.

UPDATE 11:52 AM: Miggy says his goodbyes (sad face):

UPDATE 12:13 PM: This is a good time to remind folks that Victor Caratini came over in the James Russell/Emilio Bonifacio trade.  Also, Miggy isn’t bitter, at least not outwardly:

UPDATE 12:27 PM: My hope is that the team and Miggy part on amicable terms, and it seems that may be the case at least for his battery mate:

I do not believe the Cubs are one to hold grudges, and this will turn out okay as Miggy and the Cubs move in different directions going forward.


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