The Bobblehead Beatdown!

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Once upon a time in May, before I lost my job, we were going to get ourselves some bobbleheads in the one Wrigley Field game we could afford to go to as a family.  Alas, the Chicago Cubs called the game early, the Milwaukee Brewers complained, and it was pushed to July on a mutual off day.  You can listen to us gripe about it as well on the Dreamcast back then, but suffice it to say that we finally got our prize.  Yeah yeah, the Cubs lost the makeup game, and the season is over since they’re 4.5 games back with just 77 games to go.  But we had fun, dammit!

We got to Wrigley at 9 AM to camp in line for bobbles, and the lines were already several layers deep.  We had people try to cut in line last minute, and were able to close off the sneaky bastards after two folks leaked in.  Anno got his bobbles from family who went in his place since he had to work, and my family and I got three, of which we’ll keep a couple (one for home, one to either display in wherever my new classroom will be, or to sell on eBay) and the last will go to a good friend.  Apparently there was a fight for the last bobblehead!

It was a splendid day for baseball.  Alas, the Cubs didn’t win, and in fact got kinda destroyed, but it wasn’t all bad.  Willson Contreras hit a pretty solid home run, and later on, Jon Jay pitched to save the rest of the bullpen!

I suppose we could be sour about the loss, and at various points I thought about leaving the game early.  But I’m very glad I stayed, and hung out with some cool folks and my son too.  You can check out the day in the gallery below.  As Joe Maddon says, throw this game in the trash, come back strong to close out the first half.

Lines at 9:30 were already 15-20 deep.



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