Cubs Sign Major Draft Picks Just Under the Deadline (UPDATES)

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I am pretty sure that the Chicago Cubs had deals for all their draft picks set up in advance, but they just did not announce every single one.  Even last week, we knew that the major draft picks from the first ten rounds were going to join the organization.  We just did not know exactly how much money it would cost the Cubs, or which guys would get deals over or under the hard slots.

Well, thanks again to Wes Saver and his database, plus a lot of Twitter hunting, we now can rest assured that all players agreed to deals, and most likely the Cubs will stay within the lowest penalty range and won’t have to give up future draft picks (which, frankly, they can’t afford).

There was some worry that Alex Lange would not sign, but that turned out to be a moot point when he signed under slot after taking his team physical.  Brendon Little had signed a while back, also under slot.  The slot savings from the two top picks, plus the savings from the 9th and 10th round picks, allowed the Cubs to sign Jeremiah Estrada way over his slot, and with some money to spare to either throw at some guys in the later rounds, or at Nelson Velazquez, who has also been confirmed to sign.  Once again, the Cubs managed their money perfectly.

As of now, nine draftees most likely will not sign and will continue their amateur status, three are uncommitted one way or the other, which leaves 29 new Cubs entering the fold.  Not a bad job at all by the front office and their scouts, but now it’s just a waiting game to see how many of these guys pan out.

UDPATE 6:27 PM: The 29 draft picks are going to be the final list, as the Cubs have made it official:

So the Cubs pretty much picked only guys they were confident in signing up through round 21, then started reaching for a few.  They still managed to sign 70% of their selections, which is pretty darned good.

UPDATE 10:48 PM: The last unknown sigming bonus for the big boys was just revealed…

That effectively takes care of the total the Cubs could spend without incurring crippling penalties.


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