An All-Star Event Without Too Many Cubs

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The 2017 All-Star Game would be played with but one Chicago Cubs player, and that guy (Wade Davis) wasn’t even on the 2016 World Series-winning roster. But that doesn’t mean the game was no fun, especially when the Cubs got what one could perceive as much-needed rest as they try to figure out how to stop sucking.

Thank goodness for the Home Run Derby, which I think might be even more fun than the actual game itself.  Particularly if guys like Aaron Judge continue to punish the “not juiced” baseball with reckless abandon:

Thank goodness also for the Futures Game, featuring Eloy Jimenez (who didn’t do so hot at the plate, but very few did against eventual game MVP Brent Honeywell).  The World team staged an exciting late comeback, but the USA finally nailed down the final out.

MLB did a fun thing in allowing kids to go out with the players during team introductions, and Bryce Harper paid tribute to fallen colleague Jose Fernandez while also leaving his Cubs coach hanging:

Harper also made an amazing catch and followed that up with a signature hair flip:

The broadcast had a pair of in-game, live-action interviews with George Springer and Bryce Harper while they were fielding their positions. I hope they don’t try this in actual games that matter, but this exhibition was the perfect time to do something like this.

The Miami All-Star game had a lot of fun moments, and they started it off great with recognition of the Latin-born Hall of Famers:

The Atlanta Braves’ mid-game mascot, the Freeze, couldn’t catch an unusually athletic opponent:

Yadier Molina had an interesting color scheme…

He also did Nelson Cruz a solid…

And of course he tied the game with a homer. Devil magic is real, folks.  Joe Buck said Yadi was the oldest catcher to hit an All-Star homer, so there’s that.  Unfortunately, between that homer and Miguel Sano‘s bloop into no-man’s land, the highlights were mostly on defense, which was fun and all, but boy did this game need more offense!

Wade Davis finally entered the game in the top of the tenth and gave up a leadoff homer to Robinson Cano

Davis did turn a nice 1-6-3 double play, though.  Coupled with the great pitching and defense overall, the NL made two outs in the bottom of the 10th before Joey Votto drew a walk against Andrew Miller.  But the American League won again, 2-1, as Cody Bellinger struck out.  Since he hit the game-winner, Cano got MVP.  Yay!

This game doesn’t count, though, and we had fun.  Just could have used a few more runs.  On to the second half!


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