The John Lackey Game?

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Remember back when the Cubs were scuffling (again) and everybody was freaking out (again)?  Well, the Cubs decided that they wanted to be good (again) and with John Lackey on the mound, they at least secured a series split with a chance to win the series on Thursday’s getaway day.

It’s been a busy stretch for me as school is about to get started, so blogs and stuff are few and far between, but I did find time to tune in to Lackey’s latest quality start.  It didn’t always look like it would be a solid start, though, as Lackey battled control issues and had to weasel out of a couple jams early.  Eventually, he did settle down to eat the six innings.  The highlight of Lackey’s day was probably the most unexpected:

He did get picked off right afterwards (on a walk to Ben Zobrist, shades of Ronny Cedeno!) but it was so silly and awesome that it didn’t matter.  It did help that the Cubs were leading by a bunch thanks to Anthony Rizzo‘s grand slam.

It was a bit of an annoying chunk before the stretch as Hector Rondon gave up a couple of stupid home runs.  Thankfully the new super LOOGY, Brian Duensing, was able to get Joey Votto out to end the Reds’ seventh inning.  Alas, Lackey couldn’t earn the win because Carl Edwards Jr. gave up the eventual game-tying homer.  The Cubs would have to walk off to earn the victory, and after some stupid shenanigans, falling rain, and a Joe Maddon ejection…

…the Cubs won on a wild pitch!

What a night.  The Cubs maintain their hold on first place, and hopefully will be able to have more “conventional” wins going forward.  This was definitely exciting though, and now we can look back on the silliness and laugh it off.


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