A Cubs Fan Tours the Negro Leagues Museum

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The Negro Leagues Museum in Kansas City is something that I learned about much later on in my life as a baseball fan.  Although I had always known there were Negro Leagues due to segregation in professional baseball before Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier, I didn’t realize that an actual museum outside of Cooperstown celebrated their history and accomplishments.  I did get to check out the extensive exhibit when I went to the Hall of Fame a few years ago.  Having an entire institution for lauding the feats of some of the greatest athletes of their day (some of whom were most likely better than Babe Ruth and company) is great for the sport, and it’s on my bucket list if I can ever get back to Kansas City.

The president of the museum is a great Twitter follow because he’s very interactive and enjoys showing off the museum and the fans who patronize it.  It seems that on Sunday, actor, Cubs fan, and national treasure Bill Murray got to tour the museum with his brother.  Here are a few of the shots from the day:

It makes sense that Ernie Banks would be Bill Murray’s favorite, as Mr. Cub was just about everyone’s favorite.  While it was supposed to be a private tour, it seemed that Bill enjoyed interacting with many fans who were also visiting the museum that day.  Mr. President promised a video of the visit later on, so I’ll link it when he makes it available.  Based on the pictures I’ve seen, both of the museum and of this visit, I’m very much looking forward to visiting for myself someday.


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