Back On Track? We Shall See

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I suppose it helps that the Cubs got to play the shell of the New York Mets this series, but a series win certainly helps keep them in first place and also watch their magic number keep shrinking as more matchups against their closest rivals loom.  It’s certainly a far cry from getting embarrassed at home in a three-game sweep, but despite the mini-slump, the Cubs still have a cushion heading into the final weeks, and that’s something.

Having Willson Contreras back seemed to provide a spark, as Willson drove in a few key runs in the game.  He also had a sweet pickoff throw at second base, which is pretty difficult to do, but he just makes it look so easy.  Jon Lester, also back from a shorter stint on the disabled list, struggled early with command, but bounced back to record a quality start.  The expanded rosters do allow for the Cubs to treat games, even the ones that count (like, all of them), like rehab assignments.  Even Ian Happ was able to get some luck to drive in a couple runs despite a really bad double TOOTBLAN that you just have to see to believe.

Nice night for our favorite magician, too:

And our favorite defensive wizard went nuts when he came into the game late:

There are going to be ebbs and flows throughout any baseball season as you’ve probably heard from multiple sources about a thousand times, so strap in as these final games are played.  It’s going to be an old fashioned down-to-the-wire race.  Oh, and we get some cookies, too:

Nice to have a cushion that the Cubs feel comfortable enough to play around a bit with, but I feel like this guy might be the real deal…


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