All the Marbles: Cubs Control Their Own Destiny

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Although Jen-Ho Tseng didn’t have the greatest of debuts, the Cubs had already won the series against the visiting New York Mets and got a chance to rest a few regulars for at least a few innings as they tune up for the final stretch of the season.  Tseng and his Iowa battery mate, Taylor Davis, both drove in runs, and both also obviously had the jitters as they coughed up a few random runs and muffed a couple of plays.  But at least they have stories to tell the grandkids someday!

There were some early jitters with Cubs fans too, as the Mets went up early and seemed destined to spoil the home team’s recent streak.  But thankfully, they were still the Mets, and the game turned into a laugher later on in the game after order was restored.

In the meantime, with the sweep complete, the Cubs will enter the weekend series against their rival St. Louis Cardinals with a three game division lead.  There are a ton of head-to-head matchups with both the Cardinals and the Milwaukee Brewers, so let’s take a look at each team until the end of the regular season.

Chicago Cubs

3 vs STL
2 @ Rays
4 @ MIL
4 @ STL
3 vs Reds

St. Louis Cardinals

3 @ Cubs (of course)
3 @ Reds
3 @ Pirates
4 vs Cubs in STL (yup)
3 vs MIL to end the season

Milwaukee Brewers

3 @ Marlins, but at Miller Park, much to our chagrin…but they have reasons
3 @ Pirates
4 vs Cubs (last chance)
3 vs Reds
3 @ STL, where we hope they kill each other dead (figuratively)

With that many head-to-head matchups, anything can happen, but again, the Cubs have the inside track.  So my level of worry is kind of low at this time.  Ask me again after Sunday!


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