Dreamcast 23: Rewrite the Narrative

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With Anno back from marital bliss, if only temporarily, the WSD folks discuss all things Cubs after they took things into their own hands to control their own destiny:

  • Some notes on the Cubs’ rotation, bullpen, and offensive surge;
  • A bit on the SportsCrate (hint: don’t get one);
  • Thoughts on injuries and how the Cubs are mixing fortune and performance;
  • The whole #UmpShow flap with Willson Contreras and John Lackey;
  • October outlook since we’re confident the Cubs will return to the postseason.

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About Rice Cube

Rice Cube is the executive vice president of snark at World Series Dreaming. He loves all things Cubs, with notable exceptions (specifically, the part of Cubs fandom that pisses him off). Follow on Twitter at cubicsnarkonia

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