The 2017 Postseason is Set

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We as Cubs fans have been relaxing all weekend, but there will be very little suspense on Sunday, and no game 163 this year.  That’s because on Saturday night, the seedings were officially decided, and Sunday’s games are just for the fans now.

In the American League, because the Houston Astros lost to the Red Sox, that means Boston officially clinched the AL East, and Houston won’t be able to overcome the Indians for home field through the ALCS, having gone just 1-5 against the Indians this season.  The matchups starting next week:

Wild Card: Minnesota Twins at New York Yankees

ALDS: Wild Card winner at Cleveland Indians, Boston Red Sox at Houston Astros

Here’s a fun little thing that happened in Minnesota today as the Twins can’t do much more in the standings after clinching anyway:

Because of the Cleveland loss, it no longer mattered what happened in the Dodgers game in Denver.  And because the Brewers lost to the Cardinals, the Rockies officially clinched the second NL Wild Card.  The Dodgers also swept the Indians this year, which means that they have home field in through the World Series, should they make it that far.  The matchups starting next week:

Wild Card: Colorado Rockies at Arizona Diamondbacks

NLDS: Chicago Cubs at Washington Nationals, Wild Card winner at Los Angeles Dodgers

The Nats just got Bryce Harper back, but might have another issue if it turns out to be serious:

I guess the only suspense we have left is whether Joe Maddon tries his own version of the Bert Campaneris experiment.  It might be fun, but maybe they should use someone who is more expendable.  But with nothing to decide on Sunday, we can just relax and watch an entire slate of baseball just for fun before the real nailbiters begin.  Be advised that every single game starts at the 2 PM Central hour on Sunday, and every game is free to stream on, with blackout restrictions still applying.  Get your clicker ready for some weird baseball.


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