The Title Defense Begins (UPDATE: Cubs NLDS Roster is In)

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After a long week of no Cubs baseball, I think we as fans are ready, and so are the players, for some meaningful baseball again:

Getting hyped!  It helps that the Cubs have announced their rotation, with one of the least surprising candidates to lead it off:

It makes sense for the Cubs to ride the hot hand, and also to try to stack some lefties against a strong Washington Nationals lineup that has a lot of left-handed thunder.

It sounds like Jake Arrieta just needs some time to heal that hamstring more.  Speaking of hamstrings, Max Scherzer has been pushed back and may possibly not even pitch in the NLDS due to his own hammy tweak, but the only thing we know for sure is that the Cubs face Stephen Strasburg in Game 1.  And we also won’t know the exact NLDS roster for either club until tomorrow, when rosters are due.  However, I think we did a decent job talking about the potential roster on the Dreamcast, and you should totally listen and rate and share and stuff.

We’ll try to update with the official roster, but jobs and stuff, y’know?  Check out Facebook and Twitter feeds for up to date news.

UPDATE 10/6 11:30 AM: Had to administer tests and crush some souls, but here is the finalized NLDS roster:

Pretty close to what we expected, looks like they kept Rondon off and included Martin as a pinch-runner/defense guy.  I approve.


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