A Fungus Among Us? Or, How a Chicago Hotel Helped the Cubs in Potentially Dastardly Ways

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I was hoping by the time I got home from work that I’d be able to tell you fine folks whether the Cubs had clinched a berth in the NLCS, or if they have to go back to DC for a winner-take-all Game 5.  I suppose our latest Dreamcast is still relevant, but Mother Nature had other plans:

Bummer, but that’s what happens when your ballpark doesn’t have a roof!  There was some concern that this would change the pitching matchup, which as of Tuesday’s game time was still Tanner Roark vs. Jake Arrieta.  On paper, that seems to favor the Cubs, but of course, baseball games aren’t actually played on paper.  However, the postponement would seem to allow Stephen Strasburg to come back to pitch Game 4 on normal rest on Wednesday.  But wait…what’s this?

That in itself isn’t too out of the ordinary, given that it’s flu season (my son just got his flu shot, and I’m coughing up a lung right now), but this seems to really affect a would-be starter:

This means the original plan still stands, and now the Cubs can still line up their would-be lefty-loaded righty-mashing lineup again.  What’s the reason for the hotel switcheroo, though?

Mold is obviously no laughing matter because fungal infections are annoying and difficult to get rid of, especially when they sporulate and get into the lungs and skin.  It’s insane that the hotel the Nationals are staying at (which I assume is at least better than a Holiday Inn Express or a La Quinta, although those are pretty nice too) would have such a potential health issue, but you can’t help but feel a tiny bit of relief that the Cubs don’t have to face Strasburg in a potential clincher.  Obviously, you’d rather it be some other reason than injury or illness, but sometimes, them’s the breaks.

I suppose it should be noted that Dusty only thinks it’s mold, but I guess we haven’t gotten a confirmation from an actual expert on mycology or infectious agents yet.  So stay tuned for that.

Anyway, it’s one of those super quirky stories in another quirky 2017 for the defending World Series champions.


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2 Replies to “A Fungus Among Us? Or, How a Chicago Hotel Helped the Cubs in Potentially Dastardly Ways”

  1. Let’s hear it for rain, mold, flu, antibiotics, hotel changes, confusion, miscommunication, and anything else that forced a postponement at Wrigley for Stras and Michael A to post a Curly W instead of a W⚾️❤️

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