Thoughts on the Cubs in the NLDS, 2017 Edition

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So it came down to Thursday night, as the Washington Nationals got some major fungicide to help Stephen Strasburg stave off elimination in game four.  Thursday’s game was of course a winner-take-all contest, and so the pregame hope was that anything wacky that you might expect in any given baseball game would happen in favor of the Cubs.  After all, we’re Cubs fans, and it’s only natural that we’d root for the Chicago team here.

Thankfully for me, aside from an interim assessment on Friday, the week was a short week at school and I could just get through the lessons with thoughts of the Cubs to nourish me as the hours ticked away towards first pitch.  I did learn later on that MLB reset the qualifying offer to a lower amount than was previously reported, and the goofy new rules governing draft compensation could affect what the Cubs decide to do in free agency.  My hope for Game Five, though, was that the Cubs would delay these thoughts for another week at least, even though I’m sure the front office is always working on something.

It helps that the Cubs won it all just last year, as I’m mostly “meh” about whether these guys win or lose.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d much rather they win, but the feeling of total devastation simply won’t be there if they get eliminated.  The good vibes from 2016 are still fresh in my mind, and I echoed this sentiment on the Dreamcast as I battled a cold and students who struggled to learn how to convert moles to molecules.

The game didn’t start as well as we would have liked, but the Cubs held on by a thread until…

Baseball is a strange beast indeed.  It took over two hours to get to the start of the sixth inning, and I was doped up on cough meds, so this was quite a slog.  I toughed it out, however, and I’ll pay for it on Friday morning when I have to do some proctoring and not much else.  Thank goodness for small favors.

How do we feel here?

After five damned hours, thank goodness they won.  On to LA, time for bed.


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