Left For Dead, Cubs Show Signs of Life

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Perhaps it was because of the grind from having to battle the Washington Nationals to the brink last week, but the Chicago Cubs have not been playing well all series long as they went down 0-3 in the NLCS.  This is, of course, their third NLCS in a row, and we all know what happened last year.

There are plenty of narratives here.  If the Cubs don’t extend the series, this would be the last appearances for guys like John Lackey and Jake Arrieta with Chicago.  And it would be the second sweep in the NLCS in three trips (again, we know what happened last year).  The Cubs are tired.  They’re a flash in the pan.  The dynasty is over.  Etc. etc.

Willson Contreras almost sent a baseball into low Earth orbit, with the longest postseason home run Statcast has measured in the past couple years according to what I done read…

Shortly after, Javier Baez hit a moon shot of his own…


That one almost made it to Waveland and snapped an 0-for-postseason streak for Javy.  So that helped some.  The bullpen got to dance, the Cubs continued to have fun in the face of elimination, and Javy followed up his finger wag against Puig the night before with some action.  He decided to hit another one the next time around, too.


In doing so, Baez joined some rare company:

This is kind of a sadly small list (and no Sammy Sosa, imagine that), which shows you how fortunate we are to see such a great stretch of Cubs baseball where they’ve made the playoffs three times in a row, with three trips to the NLCS and chances to advance to the World Series.

As for Jake Arrieta, he ended up doing ok, albeit with a bunch of walks…

The Cubs had just enough pitching, just enough offense, just enough defense, and just enough surviving #UmpShow to get another breath.  The Wade Davis experience was more tense than it needed to be.  But Cubs win, avoid the sweep, and now here’s to not letting the Dodgers celebrate in Chicago.  Go Cubs!  See you Thursday!


Featured image by Brian Cassella, Chicago Tribune

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