Thanksgiving is Here Again!

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! It has been a fantastic year hasn’t it? Today is a day that is set a side for us to give thanks for what we have. As Chicago Cub fans, we have many things of which we should be thankful for.

We have an owner who is actually willing to spend money (I bet all you folks who called Tom Ricketts cheap feel foolish now). Ricketts is spending a lot of his own money refurnishing Wrigley Field, and making sure our field will not crumble and fall apart. Because of this, the Cubs will be able to call Wrigley home for years to come.

We have a President of Baseball operations and a General Manager who built a World Series Championship team and has us set up to be competitive for years to come. While our farm system is fairly bare now, remember that all the young talent that made the Cubs farm system the envy of the league is now in the majors giving the Cubs a very deep team.

While the Cubs might lose players like Jake Arrieta and Wade Davis to free agency, they have the ability to replace them. Davis had a tremendous year for the Cubs, and while we did not win a championship this year, Davis set some club records. As for Arrieta, if he does leave, his contributions will not be forgotten. Two no hitters, a Cy Young award and of course a World Series Championship!

On a personal note, I am very thankful for my partner here on World Series Dreaming. As you may have noticed, I have been absent for most of this year not writing blogs. After a bit of celebrating the World Series title, I started planning a wedding. If you have ever planned one, you know that this takes a lot of time. My free time pretty much vanished. Then I got married and had even less. Without the work of Rice Cube this blog would not have lasted. This place would have become as forgotten as the 2005 White Sox have become to ESPN. He kept this place alive in my absence and for that I am grateful.

I am also thankful for Andy. Not only for his contributions here but also for protecting our fine country. He puts his life on the line to protect us all. When he is not busy defending us, he finds time to write about the Cubs. He is a great guy who I am thankful to call a friend.

I am thankful for my new wife who I am building a life with. She gives me a purpose that goes far beyond the Cubs. While I will always watch and cheer for them (and I plan on returning to writing again now that things have settled down a bit) she gives me purpose.

I am thankful for my family and friends for always sticking by my side through everything.

Last, but certainly not least, I am thankful for each and every one of you. If you did not read our blogs or visit our page, we would just be talking to ourselves. While we may not agree on everything, we are a community, a family. We stuck together through all the years of heartache and heartbreak, through the frustration and tears, through the failures, disappointments and collapses. We will always have that bond. Now that the Cubs are a successful franchise, we will celebrate together as well.

Thank you one and all for being a part of our community and our lives! Get ready for what is sure to be an exciting off season, we are not going anywhere and I hope you do not either.

Anno Catuli

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