Trade Winds Blowing

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As we continue to monitor the situation with the two big prizes of the offseason, other business has to happen as well.  It is nice that the Cubs continue to be involved in trying to recruit Shohei Ohtani, but for other teams, they have set their sights elsewhere for help in 2018, either through trade or free agency.  Speaking of which, the Cubs got to give their pitch today:

It would appear the Padres get a day all to themselves, but it might be just the logistics of squeezing 7 teams into a three day span.

Anyway, as we said before, just getting in the door is great. Now we find out if the Cubs can convince Ohtani that they’re the best destination. Although if you’ve ever been to San Diego, you know why that might be difficult.

As for another reason it might be a bit slow lately:

As baseball becomes increasingly analytical, and both scouting and number-crunching increases, it becomes harder and harder to hide perceived flaws or underappreciated talents from other teams, unless they are still stuck in the Dark Ages.  It may become more difficult to flip a journeyman for someone like Jake Arrieta, and because scouting and baseball evaluation still seems so inexact, it’s hard to know what might be enough to snag the next Kyle Hendricks or Addison Russell.  At least minor discrepancies in how different front offices value their players might make a trade proposal like this one seem less palatable for one side:

So how about Dellin Betances and Chance Adams for [Kyle] Schwarber?

I think I would continue to put my trust in the front office led by Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer, but I’m certainly glad that they really took advantage of the rebuild to set up a solid core before everyone else caught up.


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