Happy Christmas, Cubs Edition

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I’m looking forward to two full weeks of having to do nearly nothing except spending time with my family and relaxing during the holiday season.  I suppose if you’re a big nerd like me, you will also be looking forward to the Doctor Who Christmas Special, in which Peter Capaldi will retire his iteration of the main character and the show will usher in a new era of Time Lording.  I’m excited!

So this is Christmas, and the late musical legend John Lennon’s song is in my head.  Consider this my gift to you, and thanks as always for being our friends in this little corner of Cubdom.

So this is Christmas
Winter Meetings are done
Cards got Ozuna
And the Yanks got Stanton
And so this is Christmas
I hope Yu can come
Pitching coach is a good one
But the Cubs aren’t done

A very Merry Christmas
Just wait till next year
Wrigley needs to get done
Before Opening Day cheer

And so this is Christmas (get a pitcher?)
Watch Schwarber get strong (hit a dinger)
A few new extensions (save some money)
Trades before too long (ciao)
And so happy Christmas (fix the roster)
Best shape of your life (lost 20 pounds)
Watch Bryant and Harper (and their wives too)
Play games through the night (on Instagram)

A very Merry Christmas
And here’s to next year
Have some Winterland fun
Drink some new craft beers

And so this is Christmas (bulked up bullpen)
The Nats they did stun (got so lucky)
Luxury tax reset (good accounting)
For a 2019 run (hey Bryce Harper)
And so happy Christmas (wait for Cubs Con)
The Cubs aren’t done (trade for something)
Get Cole or Chris Archer (wishful thinking)
Or Yu can just join up (now)

A very Merry Christmas
Can’t wait for next year
Hope to raise a new banner
Hope new glory is near

Season’s over
Come spring training
Win the Central

Happy Christmas!


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