Things You Should Read From WSD, 2017 Edition

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The big news before the New Year’s weekend was that former Chicago Cubs closer Wade Davis has decided to sign with the Colorado Rockies.  I’m not entirely sure, but I do believe the Rockies know they play on the moon, and are ready to just outslug their competition at home while hoping that giving their opponent a new look every inning or so will hold that lead more often than not.  It’s not a bad plan, just seems a bit hefty for the amount of work being done by the guys getting the money.

This means that the biggest free agent contract so far this winter continues to be that of Carlos Santana, who signed with the Phillies for some reason (probably because they gave him the most money).  This also means that big time names like Jake Arrieta and Yu Darvish remain on the board for the Cubs to go after, and you kinda know who we prefer.

So while we wait for more MLB and Cubs news, it seems a good time to reflect on the year that was, one in which we got super busy with life but still tried our best to create a fun, informative site for you to hang out at.  It’s not really a top ten list, but more of what I (Rice) thought reflected our best work each month.  Here we go!

January:  Fresh off the World Series victory, the Cubs Convention helped us imagine what a Cubs Hollywood movie would look like.  Looks like one is in development!

February: We are pretty much all fans of the Simpsons, and Dabynsky talked about updating Mr. Burns’ softball team.  Meanwhile, I looked at how MLB can continue to bring in the next generation of lifelong baseball fans.

March: With spring training underway, we saw Javier Baez getting ready for the World Baseball Classic, Jesse messing with everyone who didn’t understand the finer points of satire, and trying to make everyone understand that baseball is supposed to be fun, darn it!

Oh, and Anno got his season tickets in a sweet gift box, while we compiled the 2016 World Series run into a nifty highlights package (as long as continues to carry the videos) and restarted the Dreamcast.

April: With the regular season underway, we talked to our friend Crawly about his experience as a Cubs World Series championship ring bearer, and then stumped for Anthony Rizzo as the new face of baseball.

May: The Cubs stumbled out of the gate, and Andy tried to figure out exactly why, first with Jake Arrieta and then with the team as a whole.

June: This month, we started pondering a future acquisition before it was cool.  I also took exception with something Joe Maddon said, with people (yes, even you) who don’t read our stuff, and chronicled the exodus of a postseason hero.

July: I went to our only game of the year at Wrigley with my family.  The end of the game was fun, but alas, it was mostly kinda boring, partially because the Cubs lost, but also because of what baseball has become these days.

The Cubs did make a couple big trades to land Jose Quintana, Justin Wilson, and Alex Avila, but that was all overshadowed by the loss of a Cubs blogging legend and a good friend, even if we never met in person.  Harry Pavlidis also stopped by to talk to us about why robot umpires aren’t a reality just yet.

August: The Cubs shook off their first half slump and took the division lead for good.  We looked at a night of firsts for a young, talented team that also has a luxury at middle infield that we’d prefer not to break up.

September: We spent most of this month trying to reassure Cubs fans that the world wouldn’t end, and wouldn’t you know it, we were right after all.

October: The Cubs didn’t repeat, but they have plenty of chances to try again for the foreseeable future!

November: It didn’t quite work out for the Cubs, but I think they told Shohei Ohtani all the right things.

December: Nope, the Cubs didn’t end up getting Shohei Ohtani, but not everyone wants to be a Cub even if Chicago is a prime destination now.  I did post a couple articles about how the Cubs can stay competitive while having lots of money to spend.  Anno also talked about the Cubs’ retooled, relatively inexpensive bullpen.

That’s it for 2017 unless the Cubs actually did sign Yu Darvish while we hit “publish,” so thanks for being with us all this time.  Go Cubs, and Happy New Year!


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