The Pirates’ Sell-Off (UPDATE)

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Fresh off the weekend’s Gerrit Cole trade between the Houston Astros and Pittsburgh Pirates, the Cubs’ division rivals have once again set up a big trade:

Let’s be frank about this: the Pirates had a brief window of contention that was slammed quickly shut by the blossoming Chicago Cubs, and without the larger-market revenues of our favorite club, Pittsburgh could not afford to sustain their core for long.  It will be sad to see a former MVP and seemingly all-around cool guy leave the division, but not really, as the Cubs have another potential doormat besides the Cincinnati Reds to beat up on.  The division won’t be a gimme, but this is certainly a piece of good news for Chicago.

Now if only the Cubs would re-ignite the stove themselves soon…less than a month until pitchers and catchers report!

UPDATE 4:20 PM: The trade appears to have been finalized and Cutch will start packing his bags:

Good luck, Cutch!

UPDATE 5:25 PM: The trade is now official…

The amount of McCutchen’s salary being covered by the Pirates isn’t known just yet (j/k, Rosenthal says $2.5MM), but I think they have enough money…

Meanwhile, free agent outfielders remain in limbo as spring training draws near. The Pirates apparently took the opportunity, after trading their most valuable pieces, to extend their closer for some reason:

I fail to see the immediate logic, but perhaps the Pirates have a plan that will be revealed over the next season or so.

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