Choosing a 2018 Cubs Game to Attend Based On the Promotional Schedule

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Last year, my family and I went to the one Cubs game based on the 2017 promotional schedule.  The game itself wasn’t all that fun, but we did score a sweet Bryzzo World Series bobblehead.

The promotional schedule for 2018, a year we hope the Cubs return to the Fall Classic and reset the Eamus Catuli sign again, is up on the Cubs website now.  The items might not be completely finalized yet, but we get a pretty good idea of what the Cubs are offering throughout the season at a gradually renovated and improved Wrigley Field experience. Let’s take a look at a couple of standout items, even if pictures aren’t yet available.

HOME OPENER, APRIL 9: The Cubs usually open the year with some kind of magnet schedule, and 2018 is no exception. It’s kind of both a cool and a lame giveaway, but not every giveaway can be a World Series banner or trophy. Maybe next year. Anyway, you have a decent shot of seeing a Cubs victory against a stripped down Pirates team.

FRIDAY, MAY 11: The Cubs host the White Sox and are giving away a Willson Contreras bobblehead. Alas, it is a day game and school is still in session. Grumble. I may have to burn a personal day if I can actually score single game tickets for this one.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 6: With the Phillies in town, the Cubs will give away a scoreboard clock. I already have a similar clock from Teacher Appreciation Day, but another clock can’t hurt since the students keep waiting for the bell to ring.

SUNDAY, JULY 8: Another good chance to score a victory (as all baseball games are, but it’s the Reds) and a Plush Clark. My son will just hit the giveaway cutoff as this one is for kids. I suppose we can argue whether a pantsless bear is an appropriate gift item for kids.

FRIDAY, JULY 20: Something for the drunk in your life. This is a Bleachers only giveaway for 21+ fans, because you have to protect your eyes and open your drinks…bottle opener sunglasses. These sound like they will break easily due to typically poor craftsmanship for bulk discount knick knack items coupled with drunken motor deficiency. Plus the bleachers in the dead of summer while the Earth is slowly being transformed into a pressure cooker doesn’t sound as fun as it used to.

JULY 23-24: The Diamondbacks come to town and are paired with two cool giveaways in a row. Monday’s giveaway is a Javier Baez bobblehead, while Tuesday’s is the powder blue road jersey from the early 80s. I don’t really like the color but the nostalgia is nice. I think I’m gunning for the Javy bobblehead.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 3: The Padres come to town and this is another Bleachers giveaway, this time an umbrella hat. I’ve always wanted one of these, but again, the sun and I don’t usually get along very well without loads of sunscreen. But hey, the umbrella hat would certainly help!

AUGUST 14-15: A weird 2-game Brewers series, but there’s a duffel bag (useful!) On the first day and a Kyle Hendricks bobblehead on day two. I wonder if they’ll make him smile?

The promotional schedule seems a bit sparse so stay tuned for updates. In a month or so, single game tickets will go on sale. I’m going to try for the Javy bobblehead as a priority, but rest assured I’ll go to one game with the family and watch the rest on TV.


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