The 2018 Baseball Hall of Fame Class

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I think it may be time to make that long-awaited visit back to Cooperstown this coming summer.  The Hall of Fame has just announced the results in voting, which you can check out at the BBWAA’s site:

Player Votes (Percent) Years on ballot
Chipper Jones 410 (92.2) 1
Vladimir Guerrero 392 (92.9) 2
Jim Thome 379 (89.8) 1
Trevor Hoffman 337 (79.9) 3

Those are the only players to exceed the 75% threshold for induction.  Among the holdovers for next year:

Edgar Martinez 297 (70.4) 9
Mike Mussina 268 (63.5) 5
Roger Clemens 242 (57.3) 6
Barry Bonds 238 (56.4) 6
Curt Schilling 216 (51.2) 6
Omar Vizquel 156 (37.0) 1
Larry Walker 144 (34.1) 8
Fred McGriff 98 (23.2) 9
Manny Ramirez 93 (22.0) 2
Jeff Kent 61 (14.5) 5
Gary Sheffield 47 (11.1) 4
Billy Wagner 47 (11.1) 2
Scott Rolen 43 (10.2) 1
Sammy Sosa 33 (7.8) 6
Andruw Jones 31 (7.3) 1

Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds obviously have some work to do, but they might eventually get into the Hall of Fame as the spectre of steroids (during an era when everyone turned a blind eye) dies down.  I am very pleased that Mike Mussina got a boost, and that Edgar Martinez got a major boost as well in his penultimate year on the ballot.  I am disappointed he was unable to join this summer’s class, but hopefully the voters will do the right thing next winter.

I do like that Andruw Jones stayed on the ballot and wasn’t a one-and-done like other underrated center fielders like Jim Edmonds and Kenny Lofton.  Scott Rolen was also given another chance to change voters’ minds next year.  As we kept checking Ryan Thibodaux’s tracker through the winter, most voters did take advantage of all ten votes they were allotted, but some of the short ballots were very disappointing, particularly the ones that omitted Edgar or Mussina.

The only major vote-getters next winter might be Mariano Rivera and Roy Halladay.  With four names off the ballot this time around, we might be able to see some of the holdovers join the immortals in Cooperstown.


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