Cubs Spring Training Finally Arrives

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With the Yu Darvish signing just getting in under the wire (hopefully official soon), we find ourselves mere hours away from the magical time when pitchers and catchers officially report to camp. Some of the players already have shown up in Mesa:

MLB report dates have been known for months now, and it’s refreshing to know that after months of stupidity in the free agent market, the Cubs are finally going to get their routine started with a roster that looks fantastic on paper. It’s appropriate that the first official workout is on Valentine’s Day, when we celebrate the people and things we love (or just buy a buttload of chocolate).

In mere hours, we will have countless tweets about players and coaches filtering into camp and starting their baseball activities. We will get our first major sound bytes of the preseason in an actual baseball setting. And within days, we will see videos of what the pitchers, including the new guys, will do to set up what should be a great rotation and bullpen. Within a week, position players will join in the fun if they haven’t already, and then we will hear about scrimmages as the Cactus League lies ahead.

It’s been a long few months since we last saw MLB action. Let’s get excited again.

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