Spring Time, Tragedy, and Optimism

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Now that Yu Darvish is officially a Chicago Cubs starting pitcher, just in the nick of time when pitchers and catchers were to report to camp, we can look at the roster with a bit more affirmation that this iteration of the Cubs will be pretty darned good.  It’s appropriate, too, because spring is the season of renewal, of warmth, and of optimism as everyone gets a clean slate for the upcoming regular season and the race to October.

There are troubled times ahead for baseball, which is our favorite sport, a sport that we look to when we need an escape.  It is probably a welcome escape for many of us who are dealing with a rising cost of living, wondering what the next day will bring, but always longing for the opportunity to relax and read some news or watch old highlights as well as short videos of players having their workouts.

The good ol’ USA has its share of issues, and it seems every one of them is a challenge to our sensibilities.  I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the tragedy in Florida, one of many so far this year (and it’s only February!) and it makes our petty complaints about life seem minuscule in comparison.  Anthony Rizzo has already tweeted about it:


At home, I personally haven’t had any tragedies (knock on wood), but know friends who have, and it saddens me that they have to go through this on their own scale.  One friend just lost their newborn child to complications.  Another, our fearless leader, is hoping his mother can pull through a sudden illness.  Like Rizzo, we hope that prayers can lead to good outcomes.

I think we need to be thankful for baseball not just as a cool sport that we can enjoy, but as a place where we can have this community in which we can bond and share our emotions, preferably the positive ones.  I am, of course, thankful to all of you for putting up with us in our tiny corner of Cubdom.  I am hopeful that this year will hold good fortune for all of us, not just in the form of another Cubs World Series championship, but in peace and prosperity for all.  It’s the way we should feel as the first workouts finish up and a new set of workouts will continue in the coming days before Cactus League play begins.

Baseball is a welcome distraction for us, and I’m glad you’ll be here with us as we work through the season, and life, together.  There’s plenty of hope for us yet, and if there’s one thing Cubs fans do well, it’s hope.  Spread positive thoughts wherever you can, because the alternative honestly sucks.


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