Some Actual Baseball Will Happen Soon

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I am jealous of the people who got to time their lunch break for Thursday afternoon’s Chicago Cubs promotion:

A couple of cool people I follow on Cubs Twitter won tickets, so good for them at least.  I had to work, which I guess is more of a choice (I have sick days, but the kids need a review before their test on Monday, so…), but boy would that have been fun to at least try so I wouldn’t have to pay full price.  Not that I mind, because I feel like a Cubs game at Wrigley Field is a good investment, especially if it falls on a promotional item day.  I suppose the wife and I will have to discuss this soon so she can squat the single game waiting room on Friday morning.

Meanwhile, in Arizona, the Cubs are about to get into actual baseball games as they open their Cactus League schedule by visiting the Milwaukee Brewers.  They will open at home at Sloan Park on Saturday against Yu Darvish‘s first MLB club, and then it’s off to the races for the next (hopefully) eight months or so.  There are a couple of fun side trips for the Cubs, as they play two games in Vegas against the Cleveland Indians, then a pair against the Boston Red Sox in their spring training park before opening the regular season in Miami.

The roster has pretty much been set even before the first official “real” baseball contest.  The only real roster battle is for backup catcher and who the last reliever will be (at least to start the year).  There are some roster implications as some guys are out of options, while others, like Chris Gimenez, would need to bump another guy off the roster to make the club if that’s where the Cubs decide to go.  But the focus this spring has to be in tuning up and staying healthy, so here’s to good fortune in that regard.

By the way, Kyle Schwarber sure looks like he lost weight, doesn’t he?

Still has the same baseball-destroying swing, but now I wonder if dropping a few spare tires will increase his baserunning and defensive potential?  That, along with how the Cubs deal with various bounceback candidates (I’m looking at Justin Wilson and Jason Heyward with some confidence and optimism) and how they handle the newly announced pace of play rules, will be stories to watch.

I wish I had more free time to cover every little thing, but I will be reading up on the happenings this spring as I try to teach these kids, and hopefully you continue to check in for news when we can write about it.  As the new slogan goes… #EverybodyIn


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