Cubs Spring Highlights While You Were At Work

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I had to work during the first televised Cubs game of the season (grumble) but that does mean that highlights are available soon after the game, so hooray!

If you missed it earlier, Jon Lester was named the Opening Day starter, although Joe Maddon hasn’t committed to a rotation yet. Here’s some reasons why:

I imagine it may line up as the week goes, with Lester going first, Kyle Hendricks next, followed by Yu Darvish, Jose Quintana, and Tyler Chatwood.  Would they let Mike Montgomery get in his start early, or would they wait?  Stay tuned, but I think they should do it sooner rather than later just to ease everyone in.

Oh right, highlights!

Here’s Lester’s day…

Then of course you have Ian Happ showing us why he should be considered in the leadoff spot…

He’s really bought in to the fly ball approach. Willson Contreras tacked on, too…

Not that he needed to, but Willson seemed to receive those Lester punchout pitches pretty well in the highlight clip. Joe Maddon had some words for the broadcast:

The day ended with a top Cubs prospect notching the “save” in an otherwise lax, meaningless game (but I’m sure he had a blast!):

Good work, Oscar De La Cruz! I like uneventful innings even if they’re against the scraps. Onward!


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