Even the Cubs Backups Are Chipping In

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The Cubs continued their points streak after a Cactus League-opening loss, with wins bookending a few ties here and there.  The game against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim which is a suburb in the Los Angeles metropolitan area did not feature Shohei Ohtani, who could have been a heck of a Cub but chose Southern California instead.  The regulars played pretty well, with Kris Bryant back in the lineup after a brief lull due to illness (he sounded just fine in his brief outing) while Javier Baez played his usual stellar defense:

Jose Quintana made his first Cactus League start.  He reached his pitch count early but did say he felt good, so that’s all we cared about.

Jason Heyward led off the game as part of a spring-long experiment to see who could handle the spot on a regular basis. I think he did alright:

Jen-Ho Tseng had a good couple innings, generally pumping the strike zone (which seems like something you just work on in spring training anyway) and giving up just one run, which could have easily been no runs with slightly better luck. Tseng probably won’t make the roster out of spring, but it’s nice to know he’s around if he’s needed. Steve Cishek most likely will make the roster, and he sure does have a funky delivery:

It works well for him. The starters left after their half-game, and the backups were able to engineer a comeback victory:

And just like that, Cubs win!


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