World Series Rematch…During Spring Training

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We got our first night time Chicago Cubs spring training game, and it happened to be televised on Wednesday night.  It’s been a busy week, with Yu Darvish‘s Cubs debut, Jon Lester‘s fun throwing issues, and learning about how fun spring training can be down in Arizona.

The Cubs will play the Cleveland Indians several times this spring and also during the season because the interleague rotation has them facing the AL Central in 2018.  Since this is a night game on a school night, and given how I have to turn in soon (but hey, I’m still leaving the game on until I go unconscious), let’s just check out a couple highlights while the Cubs regulars were still in.

Ian Happ led off again, and smart money is on him being the regular leadoff guy when the season starts given how strong his plate appearances have been.  Kyle Schwarber has also evolved into the Svelte Adult Son, showing off some speed and good plate discipline so far in the spring.  They did combine on a fun run:

Later on, Albert Almora launched a homer a day after he made a miraculous catch and slightly injured himself (he’s obviously ok):

Onward, Cubbies!


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