Opening Day Cubs Highlight Reel

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I want to begin this by remarking at how on the ball most of us were about the roster and lineup as the Chicago Cubs cruised into Opening Day against the Miami Marlins.  I decided to do some grading while watching the game at home, so the good things happening for the Cubs in South Florida took some of the sting and depression away from all the red ink I was spilling.

I’m pretty sure nearly all of us busted out laughing when Ian Happ took the first pitch thrown in the 2018 regular season and did this:

That’s insane and cool and awesome! We barely had enough time to settle down and the Cubs get their first lead of the season. There would be another homer, this time by Anthony Rizzo:

The Cubs would have their early season hiccups as Jon Lester had an unusually abbreviated outing with command issues, and the Marlins did storm back to tie the game.  Kyle Schwarber was in the middle of that silliness on defense, but he did redeem himself later on:

The Cubs bullpen took the heat off of Schwarber and Lester, and now they’re on track to go 162-0 because that’s how baseball works.  Onward!


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