World Series Dreaming Shutting Its Doors…

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After all this time, going from the Jim Hendry-led division winners to the disaster before Theo Epstein’s rebuild to the World Series champions, World Series Dreaming is no more…

…or rather, it won’t be any more if you kind folks don’t keep helping us out by spreading the gospel of WSD.

You see, with Facebook being stupid and potentially getting into trouble, and Twitter not always spreading our blogs to the right places or people, we do rely on a lot of word of mouth to get people to read our stuff and interact with us, and even listen to our amateur podcast.  And I suppose if you looked at today’s date, you would see that we were (probably) only kidding.

As a hobby blog with no real interest in monetizing, it doesn’t make as much difference to us that we don’t get a certain number of hits or downloads.  I guess for me personally, it’s more of a source of wonder that people actually click on stuff and get us our hundreds of clicks each day or the dozens of downloads per Dreamcast.  It makes us feel that we’re making a contribution to the greater Cubs community, and we do appreciate that you continue to come back and keep reading.  That’s really what we are going for; interaction and a level of recognition.

We can’t really rely on Facebook and Twitter forever, and I’m too busy and old-fashioned to set up Instagrams and Snapchats and whatever the kids are doing these days.  So what we have that is locked down for sure is this blog site and our Dreamcast.  You can help us by clicking “share” or “retweet” whenever you see that we’ve posted something.  You can see that we’ve posted something not just from your feed, but by signing up to our subscription list.  The information is in the tag line at the end of this blog entry.

No April Fooling, we know that Facebook and Twitter do have a strong reach, but we also don’t know how long those platforms will last.  If you think we’re worthy of attention, please do us a solid and send in e-mails (see our sidebar), share our blogs on your own platforms with your friends so they know we exist, and just keep commenting on either this blog or on the other social media.  We will, of course, do this as long as we have fun doing it, and part of that is based on how much fun we have interacting with all of you.

So yeah, thanks, and Happy Easter/April Fool’s Day.


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About Rice Cube

Rice Cube is the executive vice president of snark at World Series Dreaming. He loves all things Cubs, with notable exceptions (specifically, the part of Cubs fandom that pisses him off). Follow on Twitter at cubicsnarkonia

4 Replies to “World Series Dreaming Shutting Its Doors…”

  1. I always read your blogs!!! I would be sad if you stopped. I will share them as well as just clicking the like button from now on! Thanks for your Cubbie passion!

  2. Why not join us at We would love to have you there and you can post anything and there is a heap of Cub fans on that site. Many of us are old thinkers too. Just go to, and register and get in and viola you are in business. You can advertise your place or website as well when we visit Chicago to see the Cubs. Hope to see you there.

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