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We weren’t actually going to shut the blog down despite the Easter Sunday gag, but it would be cool if you guys would read it anyway because our continued existence kind of depends on you, too.  Mostly us, because this is a hobby and we don’t charge, but a little word of mouth goes a long way.

Anyway, to get back into the swing of things, let’s talk about Wrigley Field, where the Chicago Cubs will play on Monday after a long road trip to start the season.  So exciting!

You’ve probably seen the pictures from the Wrigley Aerials Twitter account, where as of this past Monday, Wrigley Field looked like it was pretty much ready to go.  The dugouts are in, the warning track just needs to be filled, and I guess they need to cut a pattern in the new sod, but it’s on schedule:

Check out the new VERY interesting feature!

This is the only instance I’ve seen of this feature so far, and I’m going to look for more.  But you may remember the 2010 game, where the University of Illinois and Northwestern University had to play with just one end zone so nobody would die against the padded outfield walls:

The Cubs are trying to get a bowl game into the renovated Wrigley Field by 2020, so having a more versatile ballpark with movable parts would help that cause.  I am curious to see how the movable sections will work, and whether the dugouts have some kind of lever system to fold them down, but stay strong enough for athletes to walk, run, or land on without fear of falling through.  I assume those details will come in time!

UPDATE: It seems the seats are on brackets, would still like them to show it in action.


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