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I’m pretty sure the Cubs are glad that they are going to their actual home soon, but it’s nice to know that they can play in front of a home crowd even in another state.  Between all the sniping on social media between the two teams and their fanbases, the chaos on the field itself, and our collective health, this has certainly been an entertaining series, and one that I’m glad the Cubs are currently leading in despite all our complaints.

For whatever reason, and it was particularly pronounced today with the 3 PM start time, the Brewers don’t bother to shade their high windows, allowing the sun to blast through and create some major glares and inconvenient shadows.  For a huge part of the game, it looked like the first base side of the field was being bathed by an alien death ray and it made the players and plays along that side very difficult to see.  I can imagine how difficult it was for the players themselves, especially the batters trying to pick up the ball out of the pitcher’s hand while blasted by sunlight.  That’s in addition to an amorphously generous strike zone and some questionable replay reviews that went against the Cubs (to be fair, they were arguably inconclusive).

I think Yu Darvish pitched very well in his time on the mound, and the relievers did their jobs admirably as well despite some atypical defensive miscues behind them.  It would be easy for most of us to focus on the negatives, because with the offensive struggles in the early going and some disastrous performances by guys like Ian Happ, who wouldn’t be discouraged?  But these are the new Cubs in a new competitive era, so unlike in years past, I’m sure many of us kept the television and radio on to see what would happen, and I don’t think we were disappointed by the eventual outcome.  Even Brandon Morrow got to redeem himself with a pretty dominating save against the heart of the Brewers’ order.

So yeah, highlights!  Here’s Kris Bryant, who was a double away from the cycle and might have gotten it if not for the intentional walk game…

I suppose in due time we will find out what the Cubs decide to do with Ian Happ, who had been struggling, but he, like many of the Cubs, redeemed himself in a ridiculous top of the ninth:

I loved the 100-point bunt by Jon Lester, too, who had to bat with the Cubs out of bench players and Anthony Rizzo temporarily sidelined with back tightness.  A come from behind victory at the home away from home to demoralize the other team before Sunday’s series finale is just what we needed.  I would prefer a traditional beatdown, though.


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