A Different Brand of Frustration

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Let’s be very honest.  The 2018 version of the Chicago Cubs has been an early disappointment, and it’s been a mystery as to why they have been so inconsistent given how good they are supposed to be on paper.  However, we then look at teams like the Giants and Dodgers, who are supposed to be at least some kind of good, and see them struggling.  The powerfully built Washington Nationals are barely at .500 as well.  Given that this time frame represents just 13 to 14 of the 162 games to be played this season, I suppose we can’t draw any major conclusions, and we will just have to chalk it up to human emotions clouding objective analysis that can’t really be made given small samples (for now).

I guess we could ask why top tier pitchers like Yu Darvish and Saturday’s starter, Jose Quintana, are struggling with command, but then we realize that many games have been postponed in the early part of the season because the season started early and required games to be played in cold/crappy weather cities with no roofs.  We could also make the excuses that the Cubs are still a really young team adjusting to major league opponents that are adjusting to them, but at some point they do have to grow up.  The thing is, the talent was always there and that’s why we were so confident going into the season.  Sometimes baseball just does weird stuff and a good team like the Cubs suddenly stop scoring runs for whatever reason.  I think we should be grateful that we have a team of players and coaches who are so good at throwing away a bad game and trying again tomorrow.

While we were feeling really sorry for ourselves in something like the third inning of Saturday’s game, the Cubs decided that since there were outs left, they should probably keep playing:

This was one of many plays that happened as the comeback started and just kept going, featuring a polarizing (but fun!) figure in Javier Baez:

And then, wouldn’t you believe it…the Cubs actually went ahead in the game, and held on to win in very entertaining fashion.

In all the time we’ve done this blog, I think we do this panic thing every season.  This season it happened a bit earlier, but this current era of Cubs has a tendency to figure themselves out and make the playoffs when all is said and done.  I like to think of it as better to get all the rust and cobwebs out of the way early before making a run.  A .500-ish record while not playing at their best, with their leader in Anthony Rizzo out for a good chunk of it (he should be back Monday), is something I am not exactly happy with, but will tolerate given that there are still 148 games left to play.  Let’s see what happens…


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