The Slow Road to 162

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I don’t think there’s really anyone to blame for the terrible weather that’s been causing games to be postponed lately.  Maybe we could blame humanity in general for messing with the climate and potentially causing much more rain and snow than we normally would see around this time. But honestly, the Midwest has such weird weather patterns that this was probably going to happen anyway, although probably not to such an extent.

As of now, the Chicago Cubs have had four total postponements, one of which was made up on a would-be off day already, but the other three will be made up later on in the year when the weather hopefully won’t suck as much. Obviously it doesn’t look very pretty in the standings, but then you have to realize that the Cubs have played a game or two fewer than the other division rivals, and so those are games in hand as we hope for asteroids to fall on the non-Chicago cities.  The other bit of good news is that the Cubs do expect Anthony Rizzo back for Tuesday night’s game (assuming that one gets played; I doubt our high school’s team will get to play over the next couple days but we don’t have the luxury of a superb grounds crew).  And with the impromptu off days due to Mother Nature, the rotation and bullpen are rested, and hopefully won’t have to throw pitches in as terrible of weather conditions.

It’s supposed to warm up at the end of the week and hopefully we won’t see any more winter weather patterns after that.  The Cubs do have an off day on Thursday before traveling to Denver to take on the Rockies (hopefully they don’t get snowed out there as that is the only scheduled trip to Coors), then another off day before a random two-game interleague series against the Cleveland Indians.  Hopefully by the time they come back home to face the Brewers, the weather will have stopped sucking.

I think we have to be very thankful that the Cubs have stayed healthy and are still good enough that they should be out of this funk and back on top of the division when all is said and done.  Thankfully, nobody got hurt in the stupid ice game that the Cubs did win, and Anthony Rizzo’s back issue wasn’t too major (plus they ended up not losing him for too many games that counted after all). Perhaps fortune does smile upon these Cubs, just not in the most ideal way that we would like.  But the extra rest and avoiding crappy weather is probably a good thing, so let’s see where this takes us whenever Mother Nature allows them to play baseball again.


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