The Scheduling Probably Won’t Change Anytime Soon, But We Can Still Think About It

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It sure does look decent out right now and most likely the Chicago Cubs will finally get to play another game tonight. Not so sure about Wednesday, when it’s supposed to rain, but who knows with Mother Nature and what the home club will decide? A handful of games have already been postponed due to bad weather, although I imagine the Cubs will gladly take better days in the summer plus extra rest for their guys before the grind of season really takes hold. Thankfully, there are options to slot in or call up to pitch the doubleheaders that are to come.

It seems that there is at least one proponent of a modified or even shortened schedule in Anthony Rizzo, who took some benefit from the extra rest for his back given the various postponements.

For reasons pertaining mostly to money, I don’t believe the season will ever be shortened, as that would mean owners would want to pay their players less due to less work being performed, and fewer gate receipts and concessions sold. I was intrigued by this suggestion, though:

I honestly don’t know how it would work, as both the Cactus and Grapefruit Leagues contain teams from both the AL and NL, even with year-long interleague play. It would certainly boost the local economy in the spring leagues, and I’m sure Arizona and Florida would love the extra tourist boost to their state.  This is similar to the idea of ensuring that April games are scheduled as much as possible in domed ball parks or warm weather cities, but that would be a logistical nightmare and the teams who aren’t blessed with domes and warm weather may not like being shafted in the early going.  Also, apparently domes aren’t immune to rescheduling effects, as the Toronto Blue Jays might tell you.  I also recall a roof malfunction that caused a Brewers game to be delayed by rain (imagine that).

In between the owners wanting their money, the players wanting the extra rest, and the countless factors that go into scheduling, I guess we are stuck with what we have for now.  Absent some creative spacing of doubleheaders and roster rule adjustments, it’s 162 games in 183 days (or whatever it is now) as usual.


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