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There were a few really good things that happened for the Chicago Cubs and their fans on Thursday.  We can start with the part where the weather actually didn’t suck and the Cubs got to play a baseball game in relatively mild conditions compared to their games on Hoth the past couple weeks.  Then there’s the part where the Cubs beat their division rivals at Wrigley Field, thanks in part to a former Cardinal and still very useful current Cub…

Then there’s the part where after a few clunkers by the starters (probably due to stupid weather), the Cubs finally got a quality start from their rotation in the form of Jon Lester.  The bats clicked with two outs and with runners on base, and it was nice to build a comfortable lead that could withstand even the remains of Cardinals Devil Magic.  And the most intriguing stat of all for me?

The good news is that the Cubs aren’t a .500 club on paper and they got out of this home stand with at least a win before hitting the road again for about a week.  And that has a lot to do with their weirdo of a manager, Joe Maddon.  I know we’ve harped on some of his decisions and methods, but obviously they bring positive results over the long run.  I think the mood around the clubhouse is that, yes, the Cubs haven’t played to potential, but there’s no panic or pointing fingers or anything.  They’ll just throw the losses in the trash and try again the next day, and that attitude has resulted in three straight deep playoff appearances and a World Series championship for those who forget.

I suppose we will have to trust that Joe Maddon knows when to change up the lineup as he did on Thursday to play hot hands, accommodate minor nagging injuries to guys like Ben Zobrist, and keep Ian Happ at least somewhat confident as he struggles in the early going.  Despite the middling record so far, I do believe in this team and so does Joe.  Eventually, because of his age, Maddon will probably retire and we will have to chew our fingernails as the Cubs find a worthy successor, but that moment hasn’t come yet.  It’s kind of cool that Maddon has an outside shot of getting to 400 victories with the Cubs this year, but he’ll have another one to get there anyway.


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