In Search of Consistency

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Inconsistency has been the theme of the season so far for the Chicago Cubs, which has contributed to plenty of fan frustration and the .500-ish record to this point.  Despite the fun times that the Cubs players have tried to give us, I can totally understand why the fans and media have been a bit down on guys who SHOULD be good like Yu Darvish and even Anthony Rizzo.  I think we do this just about every year, as the Cubs fans have evolved from being “woe is us” and settling for anything positive, to expecting excellence every time out.  But the Cubs haven’t even played 20 games and it’s just mid-April, so there is plenty of time for everyone to figure things out and become the team we think they are.

Alas, the Sunday fun day was not all fun and games as Kris Bryant had to exit early due to a wayward pitch from Colorado Rockies starter German Marquez.  Marquez, if you may recall, was part of the huge brawl between the Rockies and the San Diego Padres that got Nolan Arenado suspended too.  Cubs fans were understandably upset about this, and after watching the replay a few times, my personal opinion is that Marquez just had one get away from him.  The reputation does precede him, though, so it was understandable that the Cubs bench was a bit displeased, resulting in ejections including hitting coach Chili Davis.  As for Bryant, the news is as good as we can hope for a pitch to the head:

The Cubs got their offense going after that to exact revenge for their fallen comrade, and Jose Quintana got himself a nifty milestone while battling some Coors-induced madness:

Albert Almora and Javier Baez continued their splendid play at the top of the order, and Almora showed off his range in that spacious Coors outfield:

Thank goodness he didn’t hurt himself, and stayed in the game to make another great catch later on.

Javier Baez had an early bobble at shortstop, but atoned for his mistake:

Speaking of that Coors madness?

I keep reminding myself that other teams just won’t lay down and die just because the Cubs are supposedly a contender (which we all still think despite the slow start), and that there is so much season left for everything to balance out.  We know that the Pirates, Cardinals, and Brewers have banked a couple extra wins, and the Cubs themselves have a few games to make up later on this year when guys like Ben Zobrist return to full health.  There’s time to get Yu Darvish right again, even if the current narrative is that he doesn’t work well under adversity.  I think you just have to have faith that with their track records, the players on the roster will do what we expect by the end of the season.  After all, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.  The sun won’t always be terrible, the pitching will be what the Cubs paid for (even in the fifth or eighth innings), and the guys we counted on the past few seasons will do just fine.

So, since we are in here for the long haul, let’s make a few statements that may or may not come true, but are likely to come to fruition:

  • The offense will be good and will score plenty of runs.
  • The pitching will be good and will keep the team in most ball games.
  • The defense will be good and will convert most plays into outs.
  • The Cubs are going to the playoffs one way or another.

A little faith never hurt.  I think this team deserves some of ours.  Especially after pulling off a series win like that, yikes!  I promise I’ll find the video (here it is) of the game-ending play later.  Wow.


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