Sun’s Out, Fun’s Out

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On a beautiful but cold day in Chicago, I watched my high school’s baseball team play superbly to notch their first victory of the season after many false starts and game postponements due to the ludicrous weather and other issues.  A few miles north, the Chicago Cubs also notched not only another victory, but also the series win versus their division rival Milwaukee Brewers.  They have a chance to sweep the four-game set tomorrow, but you have to be happy with grabbing the first three; the next one would be nice, though.

The game started off on a positive note, as the little girl with the 3-D printed hand was having fun on the field including the ceremonial first pitch:

I think it’s so cool not only from a nerdy tech-geek standpoint, but from the human side too.  This girl literally lost a piece of herself and yet is still going on with her life with gusto.  There’s probably a lesson to be learned there.  Speaking of gusto, check out our resident magician, Javier Baez:

Jose Quintana barely ever broke a sweat as yet another Cubs starter notched a quality start:

Baez and his partner at the top of the order, Albert Almora, extended their hitting streaks with some help from the sun and probably generous scoring to plate the only run the Cubs would need to win.  Not to be outdone, Tommy La Stella got himself a not-as-sun-aided hit to score two due to lazy Brewers defenseKyle Schwarber also lost a ball in the sun, but luckily for him, Albert was there for the rescue.

Today also saw the returns of Ben Zobrist and Kris Bryant, and both guys got on base, with Zobrist adding a couple nice defensive plays of his own.  The Cubs rarely made any mistakes on Saturday, and capitalized on their opponent’s woes in the field.  It was a very enjoyable game, and it was great to see the defense shine and the pitching rise to the occasion along with some timely hitting as we look for consistency from the Cubs.  Hopefully this is something to build off of as the early season cobwebs are shaken off and the Cubs make another run through October.


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