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You may have noticed that between life, work, and coaching my own baseball team, there hasn’t been much in the way of content here lately. Of course, we’re still following the Cubs games, and while they are having their bouts of frustrating inconsistency, I think we all expect it to turn out okay in the end.

As we are often wont to do, let’s put some things in perspective…

Yeah, the Cubs did lose. But they split the season series against a solid Colorado Rockies team and don’t have to deal with their shenanigans for the rest of the regular season. They are also still within a game of first place, with a series against the Cardinals coming up. So the end is nowhere near nigh.

It sure would be nice if the offense started clicking like we think they should, and if Ian Happ would remember he’s supposed to be good, and maybe for Yu Darvish to pitch more like a guy who should earn a ton of money. I think those things will come. For now, do as Joe Maddon says…

All we can do is look ahead to a time when the bats are right again, and hopefully the pitching continues to be excellent. Hiccups will happen, and maybe we want them to figure it out now when there’s still time instead of during a stretch run or playoff series where playing like this really will spell the end. It’s difficult to know exactly what will wake the Cubs up, but the only thing they can do now is just keep playing. It’s a good attitude to have, especially when they have so much time to get it right.

Here’s hoping we can look back on this and laugh at the end of the season.


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