Off Day Cubs Highlight Reel

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It hasn’t been the best start of the 2018 season for our Chicago Cubs, but thanks to the availability of tanking teams, they were at least able to wake up some bats and at least temporarily right the ship. We will see how the Cubs decide to do against the crosstown rival White Sox later this week, but for now, we can enjoy the off day and check out some highlights.

It was a solid game from all sides as the Cubs played great defense and obviously swung the bats well. Jose Quintana had a relatively stress free quality start. Willson Contreras hit two triples, a rarity for a catcher. And then, of course, we have the highlights.

Exactly three years after home run number one, Kris Bryant got number 100:

Apparently that’s also part of a new team record!

Not to be outdone, Anthony Rizzo also busted out to have a great day:

Everyone but Ian Happ got a hit, and Happ himself got on base via walk to get everyone involved on offense. Mark Zagunis, who went 0-for-2017, finally got his hit:

And the often-maligned Addison Russell, possible trade bait (plus more) for Manny Machado, was just a triple shy of the cycle:

Not a bad way to go before the off day. Now let’s keep it up!


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