Pre-Draft Cubs Musings

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The day before an off day and after a marathon game, you would often want a victory to get you through to the next game. Thankfully, the Chicago Cubs delivered such a victory after already securing the series and now cementing the four-game sweep against the New York Mets.

Speaking of that marathon game, with the Cubs hoping to rest some of their overworked relievers, Jon Lester gave his team seven shutout innings to avoid having to cobble together more than two innings of relief.

The bats were held in check most of the game, but finally broke through on some Javier Baez magic:

Willson Contreras also had his own good baserunning play as he and his base coach recognized that the wrong guy caught the ball on a shallow fly out to give the Cubs all the insurance they would need. Being able to motor along home like that after having caught 14 innings the night before is impressive. The Cubs also rode solid relief and defense to their sweep:

The off day is fortuitous as we do not have to worry too much about the Cubs on the field, just what they’re up to as the MLB Draft begins. They have plenty of money to throw around and opportunities on the first night:

Of those four names, all have made it to the majors already (note Albert Almora, who seems to be having a breakthrough season for the Cubs this year) while Duane Underwood is one of the Cubs’ top prospects. It’s difficult to know who the Cubs will target this time, whether they are going for need (PITCHING PITCHING PITCHING) or best player available, though 23 potentially good names will be off the board by the time they first pick. There are some ideas out there:

And of course, you have the social media stalkers trying to figure out what the brain trust is up to:

Round 1 starts Monday night at 6 PM Central Time, so you best bet we will be keeping track of the picks all night long. If recent draft history is any indication, the Cubs will have themselves a pretty solid group by the time this is all said and done; we just have to wait a bit to see if those youngsters pan out like the ones that are entertaining us on the big league club right now.


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