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The title of this article has multiple meanings. One, I am getting ready to move from Chicago back to my home state of California, where the only live Cubs games I will see from here on out will be at the local parks in San Francisco and Oakland, or perhaps down in Southern California if we road trip down that way. Of course, I do intend to visit Chicago as often as I can, but first, gotta find that new job.

Two, that really enjoyably bad first season Deep Space Nine episode keeps popping in my head every now and then. I suppose I should caution you against seeking it out, but it’s kind of fun bad, like Hudson Hawk, and not absolutely terrible like most Ben Affleck movies.

For the meaning that is most relevant to you, the Cubs fans, our favorite team has been mired in a bit of a slump against a terrible Cincinnati Reds team that they are encountering at the wrong time of the year. Does this mean the Cubs are bad? No, this is probably just baseball being baseball, with its unpredictability and randomness and streaks (both positive and negative) converging into a perfect storm of frustration. It probably doesn’t help that Yu Darvish is still on the mend, and two of the best relievers are also on the disabled list with another on the way. Depending on your opinion of him, it also doesn’t help that the fifth starter, Tyler Chatwood, is about to have a baby with his wife (congratulations to the Chatwoods, by the way!), which is thinning the Cubs’ pitching depth significantly and leading to some stupidity this weekend.

The best news is that the Cubs will line up their best starters against the Dodgers this coming week, with the fourth spot probably going to Chatwood on the getaway day once he returns from paternity leave. As for the guys on the mend:

Darvish had previously pitched a simulated game and also a few bullpen sessions without incident, so if he is looking as good as the Cubs suggest from those rehab exercises and he just needs one rehab start, he could be back as early as next weekend, but we will see. It is, of course, good that he does feel good. As for his brethren on the pitching staff:

The taxi squad continues to shuttle in fresh arms every couple weeks as the Cubs try to tread water and bridge the gap until the big arms come back into action. They will do their best to keep runs off the board until the offense wakes up again, including their ailing MVP…

It does make sense to give Kris Bryant a bit of a breather to recover and to clear his mind from one of the worst slumps of his career (a slump, by the way, that is like an average performance from your run of the mill not-MVP, so keep that perspective). It also reinforces the fact that the Cubs staff and front office know more about their team than we do, as they have up to date information on their players’ health and other factors. Despite the fact that it does look bad at times, this group has earned our trust and deserves it going forward. Let’s just see what happens. Besides, I gotta move and I don’t really have much time to fret about a team that has one of the best records in the league before the All-Star Break.


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