2018 Cubs All-Stars

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One of the toughest things to do, especially if you have a day job and/or are in the process of a huge move, is to generate daily content for a blog. Thankfully, the Cubs decided to send some guys to the All-Star Game in Washington, DC, so we have something to write about.

Here’s a first time honor for Willson Contreras:

He’s joined by fellow most-exciting-player-in-baseball candidate, Javier Baez:

While the other guys are playing well, the voters were most adept at voting in these two given a down year for Bryzzo probably keeping their vote totals down. It is difficult to argue against Javy, who has been a dynamo and a magician all over the field and in the community. Willson is a bit of a reach, but he has been calling a good game and keeping the running game in check. Way to stuff those ballot boxes, Cubs fans!

And since he swings for the fences anyway, here’s my vote for Javy in the Home Run Derby:

Here are the National League starters:

The American League roster does have a DH, and I’m sure the NL will stick someone there since the All-Star Game uses the DH no matter what.

Hey look, Jon Lester got invited too!

With all the success of the 2018 Cubs to this point, Lester has been the most consistent starter even with some potentially worrisome trends. He is getting the job done, though, and deserves this selection. Lester will join a pretty impressive NL pitching staff:

Lester will most likely pitch one or two innings, while Javy and Willson will be out by the fifth inning, if not sooner. The AL has an impressive pitching staff as well:

Here are the NL reserves:


Here are the AL reserves, also a very formidable group:

You may notice former Cubs prospect Gleyber Torres on the list. Torres has had an impressive rookie season, but unfortunately landed on the disabled list with a hip strain. If the Yankees are taking it easy, the AL may need a replacement infielder, but it might be fun for him to get the experience in the exhibition even if he doesn’t play.

Strictly on paper, I think the AL squad is markedly superior to the NL, but strange things tend to happen in baseball. It’s not like this game counts for something anyway, right?

The full rosters are in the post below, including the final vote candidates, which sadly does not include Albert Almora

Get ready for a week full of bad Twitter hashtags, everyone!

UPDATE 7/9 8:50 PM: It seems that Buster Posey is a bit dinged up, so Yadier Molina will be replacing him. Whee!

Between now and the end of games on Sunday, I imagine there will be more replacements, especially for All-Star pitchers who had to pitch on that Sunday. The big snub-that-will-be-fixed is probably Rays lefty Blake Snell.


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