Kyle Schwarber’s Power Hour

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With the Cubs mostly on break, the All-Stars and Kyle Schwarber were on hand for Monday’s Home Run Derby. Thankfully the weather stayed away, but there were so many rockets that one might have burst a cloud to create a downpour anyway.

Schwarber and team home run leader Javier Baez were part of the eight-player Home Run Derby slate. Alas, Javy was eliminated early by Max Muncy, although he did have the longest home run of the night:

Schwarber got all the way to the finals, edging Alex Bregman in the first round and walking off against Max Muncy in the second round:

Schwarber smacked 18 homers in the final round:

There was some controversy that Bryce Harper‘s pitcher didn’t wait until the baseballs landed to throw the next pitch, but hey, gotta please the home crowd. Plus this is the last nice thing the Nationals fans will get before Harper comes to Chicago anyway, eh? Good job by Schwarber to push Harper to the edge, congratulations to Harper for winning one for the hometown fans!


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