One Last Romp At Wrigley

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This game was many months in the planning, so it was nice to get the bobblehead we’ve been waiting for ever since the Cubs promotional schedule came out. This wouldn’t have been much more than another bobblehead day, but for me, it was the last time I would be at Wrigley Field watching a Cubs game for the foreseeable future. There’s some family things that I have to deal with (see here), but I’m looking forward to coming back to Chicago someday, or to watch the Cubs when they visit the Bay Area next season.

I think I will very much miss Wrigley Field, and I am so glad that I was here when the Ricketts family finally fixed up the ballpark for a much better experience over the past few seasons. I am bummed that I wasn’t able to bring the wife and child for one last romp around the park, but I am glad they were able to come to at least one game with me the past couple seasons.

From the first time I set foot in Wrigley, to fantastic comeback victories when they sucked, to the infamous Joe Mather legendary walkoff game…this ballpark has been like a second home to me. I even went to a few in the championship season, including the Kyle Hendricks gem against the Pirates. Those are probably the most memorable games for me, for many random reasons, partly because the Cubs actually won, but mostly because I had fun. I enjoyed being able to score cheap tickets while the rebuild was on, but recently I haven’t been as lucky because the Cubs are actually good now. It wasn’t as easy to move down to better seats since just about every seat is occupied these days, with the Cubs scoring several 40,000+ attendance figures in a row just this homestand. But whenever I got in, and got to my seat, everything was just fine and I could have stayed for hours.

I do want to thank Anno for generously donating the ticket to me for Javier Baez bobblehead day. There were some fun moments early on:

I think I would have stayed if I didn’t have to pack the place to move out to California next week just to see the W flag one last time. Alas, the Cubs would not win this game. But apparently I missed something!

On any other occasion, on a day that wasn’t so close to our move date, I probably stick out the game until the very end. But today, despite good responsible reasons, I lost out. I’m just glad that there was video evidence of the greatest relief appearance in Cubs history (other than the one by Mike Montgomery, that is…you know that one).

In the end, I have my memories, myriad collectibles and bobbleheads, and an eternal love for the Cubs and Wrigley Field. Perhaps when I return with the family in the future, we will actually splurge on rich bastard seats and even take the tour. I’ll miss Chicago and the home ballpark, but this isn’t farewell forever.

Anyway, enjoy photos.


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