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The Cubs, just like all of MLB, took advantage of the changing of the calendar and roster rules:

It seems they will give Jason Heyward a few days off while on the DL, and the more recent acquisition will also incubate on the DL for a bit…

I think Cubs fans already know Taylor Davis well for his well-timed camera antics, while Terrence Gore literally steals runs with his one dimensional skill set. The DFAs of Rob Z and Farrell were not exactly expected, but also reasonable since they would soon hit minor league free agency anyway.

There are now 43 players on the 40-man roster, three of whom (Yu Darvish, Justin Hancock, Drew Smyly) are on the 60-day DL. Darvish is done for the year so they don’t have to worry about his spot, but Smyly might be able to help so the Cubs would have to DFA one more guy to accommodate him. There is also Jaime Garcia, who might be useful as well and would also need a spot if necessary:

It would appear that everyone else listed on the roster could be eligible for the postseason, but because Garcia wasn’t officially on the roster by August 31, he would just be helpful for September and no more. I’m actually not sure who would be removed from the roster to accommodate him and Smyly. This is in addition to the further additions when the Iowa Cubs season ends, which should see Alec Mills return for long relief or spot starts. We should also eventually see Tyler Chatwood, Brian Duensing, and Brandon Morrow return from the DL if no setbacks happen. I don’t think all 40 locker spaces will be used up, but you never know as one could make a case for every guy on the roster to make their mark on September. Either way, Joe Maddon will prove adept at using his entire roster while giving everyone proper rest for another hopefully deep postseason run.


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