Never Tell Me the Odds!

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The job hunt is going along, but I sure would enjoy having a few more interviews and maybe even an offer or two. Anyway, life is no excuse for not updating this blog, so I thought I would at least talk about the odds

As of today (Tuesday 9/4), the Cubs are four games up on the Milwaukee Brewers to lead the NL Central with an 81-56 record. The FanGraphs folks project that the Cubs will win about 95-96 games, with a 99.8% chance to make the playoffs in some form. Of course, with 137 games played and 25 remaining, the math is still not so comfortable that the Cubs can coast. Thankfully they did receive some reinforcements as they plow through the remaining stretch of games. My hope is that everyone stays healthy, and the Cubs should be able to take care of their business in due time.

Baseball is like life in that it has many ups and downs. But the Cubs’ record suggests that we should celebrate that there have been more ups than downs, and we should appreciate the job the players and Joe Maddon have done to keep their heads way above water. Here’s to a few more Cubs wins and many more opponent losses, then.


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