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Look at that…

With their win on Thursday night, the Chicago Cubs now have played their game in hand and secured a full game lead over the Milwaukee Brewers in the NL Central. Now everyone has three games left, and I guess the only way to guarantee the division crown is for the Cubs to just win out. Unfortunately, the Brewers get the Detroit Tigers, and the Cubs have to try to flat out eliminate the St. Louis Cardinals, who are trying to make it into the playoffs over one of the Los Angeles Dodgers or the Colorado Rockies. Basically, any of the teams that I just listed will be the opponent of the Cubs in the first round, whether it is in the Wild Card game (we hope not) or the NLDS. Here’s another interesting factoid:

That’s right, the Braves can no longer have a better record than the Cubs, so even if the Brewers overtake the Cubs (DeRosa forbid), the path to the NL pennant goes through the Central. A magic number of 3 with just that many games left is scary, but once again, without being forced to rely on the woeful Tigers, it’s win and they’re in for the Cubs. They are already in the playoffs; a few extra days off would be welcome!


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