What If?

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As the Cubs and Brewers find themselves tied for the NL Central lead with just one game to go, we think about all the “what ifs” throughout the season that could have avoided this scenario. It’s easy to blame this on a collapse of sorts, since all the Cubs had to do was win their games and this would all be moot by now.

What if Yu Darvish hadn’t sucked, and was still a solid rotation option?

What if Tyler Chatwood could throw strikes?

What if Brandon Morrow wasn’t broken?

What if Pedro Strop hadn’t hurt himself as well?

What if Kris Bryant hadn’t missed a month or so?

What if guys like Ian Happ and Albert Almora had taken a step forward?

What if the Brewers hadn’t somehow gotten Christian Yelich and Lorenzo Cain?

What if the Cubs had somehow signed JD Martinez?

What if the offense didn’t shut down seemingly every other game?

What if they didn’t have all those stupid rainouts and MLB didn’t seem to mess with the Cubs every chance they got?


What if they didn’t have the best record in the National League despite all that?

What if they aren’t in a position to go to the postseason for the fourth straight season?

What if they weren’t tied for the division with a chance to take it all in the final game of the regular season?

What if they were still chasing that elusive championship instead of having already been battle tested and title proven?

What if?

I guess we will just have to see.


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