Where’s The Action?

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The Winter Meetings are over, and the Chicago Cubs have…basically done nothing. Now, there could still be a plan involved, and the front office could just be biding its time, not to mention the reports of very poor cell phone reception in Vegas. But check this out:

Perhaps it is a sign of another long wait, as we have seen in the previous offseasons where teams have waited out some free agents before a last-second splurge as teams and/or players get desperate prior to spring training. It is entirely possible that a Cubs front office that plays things close to the chest are trying to wheel and deal money and players to make room for a big expenditure. We know that teams like the Yankees and Red Sox are open about wanting to stay under luxury tax thresholds, and the Cubs are no different, even if we think that they can more than afford it.

Waiting is the hardest part…

For now, all we can do is wait and see what happens…just like we have since the season ended. Can’t really blame you all for being frustrated and feeling bored, because it very much is. Hopefully the Cubs don’t just assume the team as is will work out, and actually do SOMETHING.

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