The End…and the Beginning

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It sure has been a while since any of us had time to blog, but now that the 2019 Chicago Cubs season has come to a close, seems as good a time as any to sign on again and talk about the lost season that was.

As you know, this is the first time in Joe Maddon‘s tenure that the Cubs have missed the playoffs, and although the season was obviously very frustrating and the team underperformed in more ways than can be counted, the nine-game losing streak to lead into the final weekend was certainly not expected. Regardless, this team had its glaring flaws that were not addressed for a multitude of reasons — be it ownership, the front office not developing their players as well as could be, and certain players not living up to their assumed potential — and therefore probably didn’t deserve to get to the postseason anyway. But we would have at least liked to see chaos ensue and a well-timed kick in the butt had the Cubs made it, because the postseason can be quite the crapshoot. Oh well.

While the stars recover from their injuries and nagging pains, and the front office triages the roster in preparation for the offseason, ten teams will battle for the 2019 World Series crown. It is unfortunate that it won’t be the Cubs, but they will have another mid-first round pick to play with in 2020, plus a bunch of money coming off the payroll. Although we cannot bank (haha) on the Ricketts Family opening the pocketbook, or the new Marquee Network funneling more money into the payroll, especially when big money teams like the Boston Red Sox are also looking to pare payroll below the luxury tax threshold, there will at least be some options to be had, and some potentially difficult trades to be made. We will explore that in more detail after the World Series, when we will hopefully have a bit more time.

We will have to say goodbye to Joe Maddon, who will manage a new team next year if he wants to. We also say goodbye to long time Wrigley organist Gary Pressy, the periodic Cubs broadcasts on WGN (for good), and probably Cubs heroes like Ben Zobrist and Pedro Strop. But they will always have a place in our memories, because people do forget that these folks were around when the Cubs won the World Series. I am on record as saying that will fuel me for a long time, and I will stick to that.

I’m also thankful to those of you who stuck around to hang out with us over the course of the season even as content was few and far between. We did our best to keep the social media interesting, but there simply wasn’t time with our other priorities in life taking precedence. It was great to have a community to snark and have fun with, though, so thank you for that.

Until we meet again, hopefully before Spring Training.

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